Staffin Bay

It wasn’t going well for me ┬áduring the morning shoot today. I was getting frustrated and nearly launched myself from the cliff I was standing on in desperation. But then I realised that I was at the wrong location for the weather conditions. That helped my creative process and I moved off somewhere else where I was able to use the lighting that was occuring well. Then some buzzards cheered me up so I’m good. Don’t worry:-)

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This Aurora obsession…!!

I was so tired and really just needed to go to bed early tonight but, look!! Aurora appeared before me (and others), so as a result I’m still up (well past my bed time at 22:23pm!! :-)) It was only visible to the naked eye as a bright whiteish light but as a long exposure it looks like this: Cool Ha?!

So, as my job here is done, I have shared it with you, I can now go to bed.

Aurora on the Isle of Skye
Aurora on the Isle of Skye

Phone snaps walks 1

What great for me about living in the location that I love photographing is that I don’t care if I don’t always have my proper camera on me. I know that there will always be another day to go out. So now and again, I just take my phone with me and that also let’s me be creative. I do requi shots with it then and at the same time am able to relax and not get too sweaty from carrying all my gear! I have to try and keep the electricity bill low “don’t you know”. It’s unusual to see the Quiraing with a reflection ┬ábut as you can see, it is possible. Just get off the beaten track.

Quiraing reflecting in a loch, Isle of Skye, Trotternish Ridge
Quiraing reflecting in a loch
Rona from The Storr

Exploring the Trotternish Ridge 1

What a wonderful feeling it is to be on a snowy mountain top. I missed it and it was well overdue. The route went up the Storr and then traversed round the back missing out the top. The hight was lost and then gained again to reach the top of Hartaval, the second highest peak on the Ridge. A cucumber and ham sandwich was eaten very quickly in the windy and cold conditions, and I took extra care taking a bite out of my snickers, as I remembered when they get cold they get hard as a rock and you can lose a tooth or two. Then we needed to drop down a significant distance again and, yes, you guessed, had to climb back up and then continued in the sunshine on the long and pleasent top of Baca Ruadh. By then the cloud was a lot more merciful and cleared off allowing us to get the view of the rest of the Ridge, Mainland, Waternish, Cuillins. The view of Rona on the way down was just spectacular in the late afternoon light (image at the top)

Hartaval from Baca Ruadh, Trotternish Ridge
Hartaval from Baca Ruadh, Trotternish Ridge

But before we descended another surprise appeared, one that I was very keen to see for years. Mike knew the conditions were right and 5 seconds after he mentioned it, there it was. Fantastic! What can I say, it was well worth the pain and sweat.

Brocken Spectre, Hartaval, Trotternish Ridge
Brocken Spectre, Hartaval, Trotternish Ridge