Images of Skye…popular?

I was wondering yesterday if “skye images” are a popular thing for people to search for in Google? I quickly decided that the answer is “yes”. Then I started to think of the reasons for people to be looking for/at pictures of Skye. I guess the main one must be that someone is planning a trip to Skye and wants to know what they will be able to see, where to go to see the best bits etc? Another one that occured to me is that it may be that somebody’s friend or a relative has moved up here to the Isle of Skye and that person’s friends and relatives are wanting to know and see where the heck they have gone? Do they live in a nice place worth visiting? Well, feel free to judge for yourselves. I think it’s a blooming gorgeous place:-)! Can you think of any other reasons for looking at skye images? Drop me a comment please. I’d like to know what you think. Below are some slightly different photos from Skye that I have tried producing, taken in infrared. I still love the popular and well photographed spots and views though and know that I will be going back to the same locations over and over again, just like a lot of other photographers, but I am sorry, they just work!:-)

Click on the thumbnail to view larger image.


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