Stop or don’t stop?

“Stop or don’t stop?” That’s what I was thinking to myself whilest driving back from work today. I knew there is a good chance of decent conditions for photography. I just didn’t know if I had it in me to take advantage of it today. I was tired and didn’t have my usual “out on the hill” trousers. Oh, and I was pretty hungry by then. And I wasn’t sure where to stop either.

Very spotnanously I pulled up in a small lay by that I have noted a while back below some craggs on the northern side of the Storr and I made my way there. I took the pack of raspberries that I got in co-op thinking I might need it. To be honest I was a bit early if I wanted to shoot sunset so after an hour I nearly gave up, started to go back down the hill and then decided to go back up again. And I’m glad I did as even if I didn’t take the most amazing of shots, the spectacle was just out-of-this-world!!

I’ve stayed for nearly 2,5 hours in the end but managed to forget I was hungry and cold in the midst of the most wonderful sunset.

Rona, Isle of Skye
Rona, Isle of Skye

4 thoughts on “Stop or don’t stop?

  1. Richard Dawson

    Hi Eva

    I would describe you as an angel from heaven with a camera. They must have sent you down so that you can give so much pleasure to so many people with all the wonderful scenes of nature that you have been recording. Keep clicking as long as it doesn’t tire or harm you. Jill, penny and myself value them so much.

    Things here much the same. Today is the anniversary for Betty when I like to say it’s one year since she made the trip to heaven. Looking forward to our get together again. Andrew coming over soon but Ralph can’ t make it, and Jill has the day off.

    Lots of love. Dick xx

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  2. Rosie Anne

    Really inspiring, I’m always thinking ‘the next time the weather’s just like this and I’m exactly in this spot I’ll….’ – better just to go for it. Especially if you have raspberries…

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