Back to picture taking.

Yes, so I have already mentioned that I’ve had a break from going out with my camera. And that was good. It wasn’t easy at first but I worked on it and just managed to enjoy looking at all the lovely sunsets and sunrises (not so many of the latter ones as I was still snoozing heavilly:-)) and not feeling bad for not being out there to bag a shot.

This sunset shoot was a complete “on the spare of the moment” kind of thing. I’ve had a big problem with the flare but just waited a bit till the sun went down and it was fine, problem solved.

I tried to get a few shots that are different from each other, as you can notice in this example, how the foreground changes; it’s texture, colour and shape. It almost seems as if they were taken on 3 different days, or locations for that matter.

Duntulum, Isle of Skye
Duntulum, Isle of Skye

Duntulum 4 BWM small Duntulum 7 BWM small



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