Where does the time go…?!

I don’t know why exactly I needed a break from photography? Maybe I was just preoccupied with other things? Maybe I was feeling like I was not doing it “for myself” at that time. Suddenly everyone was taking pictures and I guess it put me off a bit. I think I had to come to terms with that and learn to do it for myself again and not to compete with anyone.

Now it feels right again. I can do what I want to do and photograph the way I want to photograph.

I was glad to get my butt into gear again and catch a good sunrise a couple of weeks back. Though I nearly didn’t get anything decent. The chosen shot nearly didn’t happen.

Brothers Point Fence Dec 2018 med

I packed up my gear and headed home dissatisfied but when I glanced behind me on the way back to the car, I spotted a possible composition using the fence. And so I unpacked and set up again for that last shot. It worked. I was happy with it and headed home to see the image on the big screen. It got a seal of approval from my partner. He always tells me straight :-).


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